Letter From the Editor

Drawing by Jocelyn ’23

Dear Reader,

Epoch is a word that is rather uncommon in everyday English. It was first introduced to English from Latin, but the original word comes from the Greek “epochē,” meaning “cessation” or “fixed point.” In English, “Epoch” means “a period of time in history or a person’s life, defined by particular characteristics,” a reflection of its earliest roots.

Last summer, I started thinking about a title that could complement the aesthetics of the magazine. I wanted something that was minimalist but insightful, a word that could capture the essence of what it means to live in our times. Fashion and media are art forms that change and evolve constantly. My generation, one born into the age of technology, values expression as a principal aspect of cultural distinction. Fashion has gone through a renaissance – no longer is it reserved for the Chanels and the Givenchys of the world. The ability to share and consume content has added a further layer of complexity to expression and creativity.

I chose Epoch as a representation of the perpetual evolution of fashion and media. This publication captures a moment in time, an epoch that comes as quickly as it leaves, its only vestige buried in the legacy of a blooming generation.

Welcome to Epoch.

Julia Stern ’22, Editor-In-Chief

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