Investing in Basics

Illustrations By Jocelyn ’23

Written By Cate ’23

Investing in basics is an essential part of building your style and wardrobe. Of course, everyone’s style is different, and investing in basics is a very hard process, so hopefully, these tips will help you. 

First of all, take a look at your wardrobe. What pieces do you wear constantly? Who are your style icons? What silhouettes do you tend to lean towards when picking out clothing? Is your style based around bright colors, neutral colors, or somewhere in the middle? I highly recommend going on Instagram, Pinterest or even Youtube to create inspiration boards. These boards are tailored to your style, and by having inspiration, you are able to understand your clothing needs. 

Start with the timeless basics; white or black t-shirts. Owning a couple of different shirts with different styles and fabrics can be useful for when you are picking out an outfit. For example, if you are wearing a pair of more form-fitting pants, contrast that with a less form-fitting shirt. 

Layering pieces are very important; not only do they help add dimension to your outfits, but they also help keep you warm in cold weather. Tights, turtlenecks, and bodysuits are all great layering pieces; they act as a “base” layer for your outfits. Since these pieces are form-fitting, you can layer bigger pieces on top. For example, over a turtleneck, you can layer a blazer.

Shoes come in many different styles, colors, etc, so picking out a good pair can be tricky. Some basic white tennis shoes are always good to have since they go with just about anything. However, it is good to have a statement pair of shoes that you can pair with a simple outfit. Boots with a low heel are nice to have; you can dress them down by wearing jeans and a graphic tee, or dress them up with a skirt and blouse. 

Like statement shoes, accessories are a great way to make a basic, simple outfit not so boring. Bags are a great way to make an outfit more tasteful and functional; bags go in and out of style, so I recommend a black backpack that can be paired with almost every outfit. Belts can also add to your outfit; make sure you look at the buckle style and color and chose belts with simple designs for less of a statement. Having jewelry that compliments the hardware in your bags and belts can make any outfit look like it took a lot of effort to piece together.  

Picking out a good pair of jeans is probably the hardest part of investing in basics. Going to stores and trying a bunch of different styles that you like can be tricky, so just have some patience, but this will let you know what kinds of styles you are more comfortable. Personally, I like a mom/girlfriend style jean, or a straight leg, but it is up to you to find your style preferences. 

For many people in the world, fashion is a big part of their lives. It lets strangers know a little something about who they are before they even start talking. Having these basics will allow you to build your style without having a ton of statement pieces you can’t pair with anything. Hopefully these tips were helpful! Have fun shopping!

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