Evermore Album Review

By Ben Winslow ’23

Dec 16, 2020

 As Forbes once said: “Taylor Swift is the music industry”, and in 2020 she has made that statement true once again. When Swift surprisingly released her critically acclaimed album “Folklore” in July of 2020 we thought she was done, but in true Swift fashion she delivered her fans a sister album “Evermore”. Released on December 11 this album plays on similar themes and lyrical patterns as the previous album. Opening the album she delivers the woodsy and rhythmic “Willow”, the track carves a similar but new sound from “Folklore”, as the track plays Swift’s lyrical grandeur is on full display. Lyrics such as: 

“Head on the pillow, I could feel you sneakin’ in

As if you were a mythical thing

Like you were a trophy or a champion ring

And there was one prize I’d cheat to win”, prove that Swift not only is the greatest songwriter and storyteller of her musical generation, but that on these past two albums Swift is not just writing songs but instead creating stories, fables, and poems. Swift has been on top of the music world for the past decade, her unique ability to change musical genres and nail it every single time is rare in a musical artist. Her new alternative/soft pop sound is just another example of her ability to be a chameleon of musical genres. She worked with producers Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dressner on many of the songs and her comfortability with working with them shines through on the production of this album. The strings, pianos, synths, and other organic sounds that she perfectly places in these songs demonstrate not only an understanding of the music she is creating but also an appreciation. Songs that stand out on this album are “Gold Rush”, “Champagne Problems”, “Happiness”, “Ivy”, and “Dorothea”. Although there is not a bad song on this album, the storytelling, vocals, production, and emotion of those previously listed songs bring them to the top. “Folklore” was a massive success for Swift scoring her many Grammy nominations and all-around praise from reviewers. “Evermore” has continued in “Folklore”s success, and has proved again that Taylor Swift is the artist of her generation. As we wait for a rumored third album in this trilogy we begin to think back on Taylor’s massive career and we begin to wonder: Is it possible for Taylor Swift to release a bad album?

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