At the Courts

Ever since Claire McCardell in 1940s introduced the Monastic, a dartless, waistless, bias-cut, tent-style dress that could be worn with or without a belt, American fashion has entered a new era where creativity was pushed beyond the thralldom of extravagant Parisian designs, by successfully adding versatility and femininity to the silhouettes. This was the beginning of sportswear (aka the American Look) that addressed democracy in fashion and would later incorporate into the ever-growing modern trend of athleisure. 

V-neck cardigan with pleated plaid skirt, is focused on the performance side of the garments that allow the wearer to move comfortably due to the breathable and lightweight fabrics. The track jacket joined by denim skirt not only adds a sense of playfulness to, but also enhances the neutral beige color.

Those collective shoots taken at the tennis court are the reflection of problem-solving ingenuity and realistic lifestyle applications, and the representation of the nonchalant freedom of women wearing practical clothings. It reminds us that fashion no longer resides in the realm of luxuries and insiders, and people from every field can be and will be engaged à la mode daily through the gradual development of the American Look.

Eric Jiang ’21


Models: Hannah ’22 & Kate ’22

Photographer: Eric ’21

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